Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting!

So today I felt like eating something light, preferably vanilla-flavoured too, so I whipped up this fluffy vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream!! I'm just going to cut to the chase and show you some pictures, because this cake was simply too awesome!

This delicate cake was so delightfully delicious! The crumb was really fine and tender, perhaps the fluffiest cake I've ever eaten. This was probably due to the reverse creaming method used in the recipe - it yields such a cloud-like cake! Also, the cake was really vanilla-ey (duh!) and overall, this cake was the bomb! Here's the recipe: Fluffy Vanilla Cake with Whipped Vanilla Bean Frosting
p.s. sorry for over-using the exclamation mark today!!! 
- J


  1. this looks really well done!! :D

  2. Thanks Faye! I really enjoy your blog as well (*cough* big fan)